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Recovering millions of dollars for clients all around the globe using professional tools for forensic investigations in cryptocurrency and other transactional disputes.

Our technology and expertise aids law enforcement agencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and banks by expediting their own investigations and reducing processing time.

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Cryptocurrency scam detection

The blockchain can seem like a jungle and you may find yourself asking, “Is crypto a scam?”
Getting your money back from crypto scams isn’t something you can do alone.

Cryptocurrency Recovery

Our advanced bitcoin recovery methods, including bitcoin forensics and technical crypto currency investigation, will handle bitcoin frauds in ways they never expected before.

Investigation Report

Our investigation reports are crucial to getting authorities interested in your case and will give them the leads they need to quickly help you get your money back as soon as possible.

practical experts in

Cryptocurrency Investigation and complex transaction dispute resolution

Pioneering innovative strategies for tracing cryptocurrency across the blockchain, as well as pursuing chargebacks and other forms of restitution is what we represent.

Our dual mission is to facilitate the recovery of cryptocurrency by using state-of-the-art technology to conduct forensic blockchain investigations and level the playing field in the payments industry by improving the way consumers and issuing banks work to assess and validate disputes. 

added value

bringing expertise to the consumer’s side.

Disputes involving authorized transactions are complex. Every year, many of the institutions that govern your rights to dispute change their policies.

Globaltraceassets clients gain from our team’s knowledge and expertise to fight for the best possible outcome.

card holder's rights

All card companies provide consumers with the right to dispute charges. We will explain to you what they are and how to make use of them.

Integrity and Transparency

If your case does not meet the criteria for a chargeback or recovery, we’ll tell you up-front. And if there is a more appropriate or affordable solution available, we’ll tell you what it is beforehand.

Quick Processing

Credit card companies, and crypto platforms impose strict deadlines for submitting chargeback or recovery requests. We know what they are and we’ll make sure that you won’t miss them

What if the Merchant Disagrees?

The merchant may very well object to your chargeback or recovery in a written response called a representment. That’s why it’s vital right from the start to proceed with the most appropriate chargeback or recovery strategy.


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“Your proactive approach to accounting quickly catches issues before they can become costly problems.”

    Richard Tyrell
    Richard Tyrell


    “A friend referred your company to me as one that would combine experience, quality and value into an affordable package. Globaltraceasset has exceeded my expectations in all those areas.”

      Nathalia Dewi
      Nathalia Dewi


      'Astonished by the delivery services of the Globaltraceasset team. Awesome customer care. Best in crypto recovery. Wonderful experience and great team work. I feel satisfied and surprise on how successful my crypto recovery with this guys went.'

        Steve A.
        Steve A.


        'I think Globaltraceasset match. Though there several recovery companies out there. But Globaltraceasset seem to standout with beautiful reviews. You can check them out during your free time.'

          Joseph W.
          Joseph W.


          Cryptocurrency recovery or Chargeback dispute resolution Strategy

          Our strategies and expertise combine to make it count! Credit card disputes are serious and credit card chargebacks warrant professional advice.

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