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Over the years Globaltraceassets has become an industry pacesetter in assisting consumers who seek to submit a dispute concerning  a complex transactional disputes unfair, recalcitrant or otherwise uncooperative merchants.

In so doing we have effectively worked with and built relationships with over 230 banks in more than 62 countries, and have successfully recovered millions of dollars in disputed claims.


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We are a top financial service provider with international recognition

Since then, Globaltraceassets has broadened its portfolio by employing state-of-the-art technology to conduct forensic blockchain investigations that trace the path cryptocurrency takes from its point of origin to the exchange at which it was cashed out, as well as cyber intelligence reports about the recipients that are relied upon by courts, as well as more than 150 law enforcement agencies and police cybercrime units around the world. 

our misssion

Our mission is to provide our clients with proven strategies that succeed in tracing their cryptocurrency through the blockchain or raising disputes with their banks or directly with merchants themselves. Our motto is: Put your money back in your wallet – where it belongs.

The majority of consumers facing financial losses have limited options when it comes to dispute mediation. Although information about how to challenge a transaction exists, there are very few trusted financial service providers with international credentials that do what we do.

Team of Professionals

Globaltraceassets is staffed by veteran professionals with decades of experience in the banking, finance, regulatory, and fund recovery industries. They have a proven track record of providing unrivaled performance and results.

Our experts, moreover, have an extensive working knowledge of chargebacks, bank wire recalls and cryptocurrency transactions. We are able to leverage this experience to present your case effectively and professionally to your bank. This expertise is what makes the difference for our clients because it maximizes their chances of a successful recovery of their funds.

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