How we resolve complex
transaction disputes


Clients stories

These client stories represent the broad range of services we provide, as well as the types of strategies we develop to resolve disputes, which can vary significantly based on factors such as their nature, complexity, and the countries in which they occur.


each Case is Unique

Each case we handle has its own set of unique circumstances. Each case is the product of several different components: different forms of payment, different merchants, different goods or services, and different banks. In addition, every bank is obligated to operate in accordance with its own government-issued charter.

    Janet B.


    I realised after some foraging that I’d been duped and realised with my lack of knowledge on how the system worked I needed some help. I approached GlobalTraceAssets and found the guys really helpful. After an initial conversation I agreed to proceed. They gathered all the relevant information and set about putting a case together for me. All told from start to Finnish the process took 6 Hours and in the end I regained about 85% of my funds The guys behind the scenes kept me up to date and in the picture at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service

    WAS a skeptic. Became a believer. Done a really good job for me. Helped me to get some of my money back (not all but way better than nothing). Yes, other people's advice is true: you can do it yourself. However, GlobalTraceAssets really got the monkey off my back, by monkey meaning all the paper work. I can focus on doing my daily job and run my daily life and spent a bare minimum amount of time to get my money back. Thank you once again, GlobalTraceAssets

      Peter G.


      To whom it may concern. I have been a victim of a fraudulent internet site that was claiming to be trusted on line broker firm. After defrauding me for over 50000,00 EUR my account with them was blocked & I have had no access to my account on their site & no way of retrieving my funds. Once I have connected my self with Globaltraceassets team. they have guided me through the whole process & successfully recovered most of my funds. Stellar customer care rarely to be found!

        Cynthia L.


        I thought that I'd lost over £10,000 to a scam forex trading company. These guys helped me get all of my money back. They wrote professional letters for me which resulted in my money being deposited in full back into my bank account. These guys provide an excellent and professional service. I couldn't be more thankful (and relieved) to have my money back! All regards to the GlobalTraceAssets team

          Matt S.


          Indeed very pleased with the service. First they explained to me the set up, and the next day the process began. After sending all the necessary paperwork, I decided to pray and hold on to my trust of righteousness, and Thank God, Globaltraceassets did the rest.

            Sean M.


            A positive outcome eventually. The banks not speedy to respond to the evidence given. I admired the politeness & perseverance of my case manager when dealing with the GlobalTraceAssets team. I wouldn’t have seen any of my money returned if it hadn’t been for GlobalTraceAssets

              Teana T.