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the types of chargeback services

There are two chargeback types: scam chargebacks and service-related. Most people understand fraud. But far fewer know about service-related chargebacks. 

  • Scam Chargebacks: Scam chargebacks are simple to prove and easy to understand. If you lose your credit card and someone picks it up and starts to make purchases, that’s fraud. You’re not responsible because this is a case of an unauthorized transaction. 
  • Service-Related Chargebacks: The second of the two chargeback types is for a service that is not provided as contracted. Generally, it is far more difficult to justify a chargeback when it’s service-relatedthan fraud chargebacks.  
Our Process

Chargeback services we offer

Depending on the case, however, the payment platform or the issuing bank can simply close the case and make a decision. Even if the decision is not in your favor, that doesn’t have to mean the end of the chargeback dispute process.

Chargeback by card company

A credit card chargeback or debit card chargeback is a reversal of charges. It is a relatively simple transaction, similar to a refund. If you have ever contacted a merchant about an error or wanted to return an item and the merchant agrees, they simply reverse the charges. However, if the merchant and the customer disagree, this leads to a chargeback.

Paypal Disputes

Aside from ongoing and never-ending controversies over frozen accounts and whether they do business with legal or ethical businesses, there have been a number of more substantial concerns over their security and dispute policies.

Additional controversies have arisen over the years over PayPal’s acceptance and/or blocking of payments to porn and gambling sites and fundraising sites for human rights activists and accused criminals.

bitcoin chargeback

Fake cryptocurrency exchanges are easy to find. This type of crypto scam is all over cyberspace. They are especially dangerous for first-time investors, who will find it hard, if not impossible, to distinguish fake exchanges from legitimate ones. In December 2017, Korean authorities closed down one of them, BitKRX.

It purposely misrepresented itself in order to provide itself with a veneer of legitimacy. A fake exchange is a very useful front for a bitcoin scam.

Cashapp Chargeback

Cash App is interested in helping both the customers and the merchants. They aren’t going to be too quick to demand the customer gets their money back without proof of fraud or that the item was unsatisfactory. That is why it’s important to gather all of the information you can after you make your initial claim to bolster your case.

Amazon chargebacks

An Amazon chargeback works similarly to credit card chargebacks and other types of fund recovery. A customer makes a claim about an order and demands their money back. In the case of an Amazon chargeback, they want to have the transaction reversed and to ensure the money is returned to their credit card.

Googlepay Chargeback

However, Google Pay provides several layers of security. This digital wallet doesn’t share your actual credit card number with merchants, so there is no way a third party can apprehend it.

GooglePay can be used online or in physical stores through NFC-enabled terminals.

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We begin with consulting thoroughly with clients and getting an idea what happened in their case. We ask for documents and details about the case so we can get started with crypto investigation. We apply advanced technology, including software usually available only to law enforcement, bitcoin forensics and a thorough database for scam detection. 


How Globaltraceassets Helps

We know the rules. We know the difference between chargeback types, including fraud chargebacks and service-related chargebacks. When possible, we also know how to resurrect a credit card dispute beyond the standard deadline.