Chargeback service


What are chargebacks ?

Every time you use a credit card or debit card you are initiating a transaction that is controlled and regulated. If it’s a Visa or Mastercard, your transactions are governed by terms and conditions that they adopted and published. These terms and conditions define rights and obligations for you, your bank, the merchant, and its bank.

Chargeback Process

If you’ve noticed unauthorized charges or feel your money has been stolen by a crypto scam or cyber fraud, it’s important to act fast. Filing a complaint is the first step in the chargeback process.

With the initial complaint, include supporting evidence such as copies of communication and screenshots. It’s a good idea at this stage to consult with Globaltraceassets experts who can give you tips on filing a complaint that will get results.

Key to successful chargeback

The decisive factor in the chargeback process is persuading the issuing bank that the customer deserves to have their money returned. The key is providing supporting evidence and documentation to bolster the claim.

Enter Globaltraceassets. Our team collects information, investigates fraudulent merchants and brokers, and will give you a game plan to make your chargeback claim successful.

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We begin with consulting thoroughly with clients and getting an idea what happened in their case. We ask for documents and details about the case so we can get started with crypto investigation. We apply advanced technology, including software usually available only to law enforcement, bitcoin forensics and a thorough database for scam detection. 


How do chargebacks work?

Visa and Mastercard guarantee that you can apply for a chargeback at any time within 120 days from the date of the transaction. Under certain conditions, the chargeback processing period can be as many as 540 days. In some jurisdictions, the law provides you with even more time to apply for a chargeback.

American Express also imposes a 120-day time limit on its cardholders. Discover and Diners Club International, which it owns, do not have any chargeback time limit.